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Cost of Operations

At the Men’s House at end of 2021, the overall cost per man was $702.00 per month. These costs include housing, meals, laundry, transportation, maintenance, and all other programming expenses. We expect that when the women’s house is in operation the per person cost will be higher. These estimates are before calculating the effect of this years’ inflation.


In ministries like ours, staffing is typically the greatest of all expenses. Due to a powerful base of enthusiastic volunteers and a staff of four who work for minimal salaries, these expenses have been a smaller percentage of the annual budget. As we expand, the need for additional staffing will increase. The expense of more staff at higher salaries will be forthcoming. Your gifts, especially those that arrive on a regular basis are of tremendous value, not only in paying the bills, but in planning for the future.

Ways To Help

Volunteer Descriptions


As a Christ centered program, we have a need for men and women who are mature in their own walk with Christ. Our mentors play a significant role in the spiritual growth of our guests. Each person is different and each one comes to us at a different level of maturity in their faith journey. Our mentors must be prepared to meet the guest where they are, love them and help them to develop a greater relationship with Christ through prayer, Bible study and discussion, goal setting and modeling of a strong Christian walk.


Our program provides transportation to and from program activities, appointments, work, court, and needed store trips. Often the program has enough guests with licenses to cover the need for drivers, but times arise when a high percentage of residents are without valid licenses. When this happens it’s necessary to bring in volunteers from outside the program to drive Endeavor House vehicles to transport residents. If you would like to volunteer your services as a driver, please contact Mike Keenoy – 517-285-1270 or Dave Sincox – 517-230-0348. With information about your availability. We will need a photo of your license to be submitted to our insurance company.

Special Events Support

Endeavor House hosts several events each year including an annual banquet celebrating our graduates, fundraisers, recovery-oriented movie and fellowship nights, an annual golf outing and our Halloween alternative “Trunk Or Treat.” Volunteers may help with meal serving, parking assistance, set up and tear down. 

If you would like to volunteer your services please contact Mike Keenoy – 517-285-1270 or Dave Sincox – 517-230-0348. With information about your availability. 

Community Volunteers

Endeavor House Has frequently been blessed by volunteers from the community who have helped with projects around the property like planting and weeding the garden, cleaning out the garage or barn, helping to split an stack wood for our fire place and property maintenance that goes beyond the day to day chores complete by our residents. 

If you would like to join our volunteer crew Please Call Pastor Dave Sincox 517 230 0348, or Mike Keenoy 517 285 1270.